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Microwave Propulsion

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    If I had a Microwave oven (minus the door), and I placed this at the back of a craft that was already in orbit, if I activated the Magntron, could this propel the craft?

    Stupid question I know, but if it can be a source of propulsion, what would be the maximum or minimum craft to microwave ratio needed for motion?
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    I think the concept is feasible... just lol, ya know, wouldnt strap a bunchof commercial microwaves to a space ship for propulsion. Pretty sure light propulsion has been fooled with.
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    photons do have momentum, so propulsion is feasable but it would be way too small to actylly feel, at least in our gravitational field. If we were in space, we would still have little or no movement of the microwave.
    The actual momentum calculation can be determined by:

    [tex] p = \frac{h}{\lambda} [/tex]


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