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Microwave transformer

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    I have the transformer from a microwave that has the few turns and big windings on one side and the other side must have smaller turns I was just wondering if you apply 115 volt ac to the larger number of windings what would come out the heavier windings? I am just wondering if this can be used as a car battery charger or arc welder or any other use before I take it apart?

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    MoT can be used for a number of things but I must caution you, they are dangerous. You can kill yourself playing around with them so I always suggest people that are not extremely familiar with electricity to stay away from them.

    To clarify, MoT are dangerous because they put out medium voltage (~2000 volts or so, depending on the model) with high current (~550 mA or so, depending on the model.)

    The number of mA it takes to kill you depends on a number of things, but if I recall correctly 50 mA or higher can be lethal.

    Another edit to link you to a thread I just found by using google. It's a 3 page discussion of MoT.
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