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Microwave waveguide

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    Microwave wave guide
    Davenn stated: as a rule of thumb, the width of a wave guide needs to be of the same order of magnitude as the wavelength of the guided wave.
    Will a 100+GHz wave guide fit down a 6 inch pipe? what shape would it be? Round, Square, Other?
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    Do you know what the wavelength of a 100ghz wave is?
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    And do you know what the effect of the internal surface of 'any old' six inch pipe could have on the propagation of 100GHz waves? Waveguides are usually produced with well polished and plated walls.
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    At least it would be easier to dent tune. :cool:

    The way I read his post was as if he was asking "Will a 100Ghz waveguide fit inside a 6 inch pipe." In that case, yes, it certainly would. A C-band waveguide would probably fit inside of a 6 inch pipe. I could just be reading him wrong though.
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    really difficult to interpret that one huh
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