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Microwaves with Nothing Inside

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    Can the microwaves emitted from a microwave that is turned on and running with nothing in it have an effect on nearby electronics, i.e. computers, cell phones, surround sound receivers?
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    Yes, microwave energy can leak out of your oven and interfere with nearby electronics. I've found that the electronics most affected are those that use the 2.4 GHz band, which is where the oven operates. 802.11 wireless cards and cordless phones are especially susceptible.

    I've measured leakage from ovens, and it can be all over the map, depending on the quality of the shielding (especially around the door). Running the oven empty probably means that even more energy is leaking out.
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    There probably is small leakage, but not enough to harm us. The shielding on the door is usually enough to stop enough from leaking out. But for sensitive electronics, the situation is otherwise.
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    Most microwave ovens have a warning in their User's Guides about not running the oven without a load (something to heat). I think it can cause the magnetron to overheat maybe? Or maybe it can cause too high emissions as you are implying. If you can find a User's Guide or Owner's Manual to an oven, it will probably say. Maybe you can find one online at a manufacturer's website.
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