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Micrsoft Sabotaging Opengl

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    Windows Vista will require Directx translation of opengl calls in order to use the aero composite engine. The cost of the translation is a 50% performance reduction. You can still run opengl without aero enabled at full speed but you won't get the drop shadows, transparencies, and other window effects.

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    wow, hmmm maybe its time for me to install linux and jsut work a linux box.
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    yeah, sounds like more 'high end' stuff (or the little that is still done under win) to flow to other OSs if this joke goes through.
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    So you can play all the games released for linux?
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    That's where Cedega comes in:

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    Microsoft has been after OpenGL for years - OpenGL's pie is the reason DirectX exists in the first place. DirectX has slowly taken over gaming, but it hasn't made much of a dent into professional 3d. I'm anxious to see what this will do to the professional 3d situation.
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    If microsoft can force programmers to exclusively use Directx, then they are not only disrupting opengl, but Linux and Apple as well. They are basically killing two birds with one stone. Purely from a business standpoint this is a good strategy.
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