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News Mideast Democracy Summit Ends With No Deal

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    MANAMA, Bahrain (AP, ANNE GEARAN) -
    With regard to the venture capital money the US and others are putting up, one has to wonder to whom the money is going.

    Apparently General John Abizaid has called for making 'microloans' to Iraqi women in order to help build a stable foundation for democracy. However, this does not appear on Bush's agenda. So I must question how can Bush claim to support democracy when his policies do not.
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    The same way he claimed Iraq had WMD. This guy doesn't care about reality, it is all about agendas within agendas.
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    Probably from the private sector (like the Tsunami), then it will disappear. Personally I get annoyed when U.S. tax dollars are allotted to oil-rich countries...or rich oil companies.

    In the meantime, anything that is U.S. backed will be unpopular--anywhere.
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    Actually, there is a lot of support for this idea. It is a good way to bootstrap economies in the developing world. The money gets distributed among the population rather than going lump sum to corrupt governments, which then divert the money out of the countries.

    The accountability for US aid is extremely poor - and it would not surprise me that it ends up far from where is supposed to go, or where the government says it is going initially. :rolleyes:
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