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Midnight snacks to avoid

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    I woke up about at about 11 o'clock and wanted something to eat. I didn't feel like cooking anything and the cupboards were looking pretty bare. I came across a box of raisins, which I've never been a fan of, but I figured what the hey. It is now 2 o'clock and I've spent the last half hour in the bathroom. Those things are dangerous.
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    Ha ha. Nice. I mean not for you, but for the comic relief of everyone else.
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    When do you sleep?!

    I eat my dinner at about ~12 AM, and sleep at 12:30 ~1:30 AM.
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    Yes, you're supposed to eat the raisins and throw away the box. Didn't you read the 5-step raisin eating instructions on the back of the b..., oh nevermind.
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