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Mighty Atom's hair strength.

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    'It is a fact that this modern Samson's hair was so strong it could not be pulled out. One of the most astounding feats of strength ever seen was headlined by the Buffalo (New York) Evening Times on September 29th, 1928: "Mighty Atom -- Super Strong Man Pits Brawn Against Plane, Wins." At the Buffalo Airport before a large crowd of stunned witnesses, this human dynamo held his ground when the pilot increased the plane speed from 800 rpm for an approximate speed of 30 miles per hour to a speed of 1,600 rpm for a speed of 60 miles per hour. Without a doubt, the Atom was the strongest haired man in the world. "Believe It or Not" by Ripley had featured this superman many times over the years.' But one poster said he stops a plane at 150 miles speed, again with his hair. This is the link : http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_bxBObxdgdw0/SNprQUpqsiI/AAAAAAAAAMo/v7ayo_YI4Is/s1600-h/Atom-Lg-Poster2.jpg

    Noted the plane is Fairchild FC-2. The Fairchild was powered by nine-cylinder Wright Whirlwind J-5. The J-5 produced 220 horsepower at 2,000 RPMs.

    Actually, I'm a bit sceptical about his feat. What is the physics behind this?
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    Yeah I recalled he also break chains, bending steels and pulling 32 ton truck with his hair.
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    It's bunk, hair is held in the skin and has finite strength. A single hair is quite easy to pull out, but add up 100,000 of them and you're more likely to rip the scalp from the skull than pull his hair out.

    Give me a tow strap attached to a 1" plug of his hair, and I'll yank it out no problemo. That, or maybe attach him in the Mythbusters' phone book tensile test rig.
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