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Mike Costello Introduction

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    I am a retired Physicist (Ph.D. U of NM 1977 in Astrophysics) who has spent most of his working life as a systems engineer and computer modeler. I now video conference Fridays with 4 friends to talk about the things we learned to calculate in grad school, but were never quite got the reason why. Don't understand Quantum Mechanics? Shut up and calculate! seemed to be the prevailing answer. We have decided to call ourselves the SIGNOMI. Signomi is a Greek word usually translated as 'excuse me', but is from syn (with) and gnosis (knowledge) so it really means 'can we put our knowledge together' or 'will you share your knowledge with me'? Currently I am looking at what I consider to be an inherent error in modern Physics theory, inadequate mathematics. The proper math we should be using is, I believe, Geometric Algebra, sometimes called Clifford Algebra. GA is coordinate independent. While you do put in coordinates, at the end, in order to calculate a numerical result, the algebraic results of GA are not affected by coordinate singularities, such as the event horizon around a black hole.
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    Welcome to PF Mike!
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