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Miktex installed on my pc

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    Hi you guys!
    I have miktex installed on my pc(winxp) but how do I get Latex?:S And how do I get pdftex to work? I just have a zip file now witch contains a bunch of files and directories. This is what is written in a file called "Install"

    The code of pdfTeX is in src/texk/web2c/pdftexdir

    Try the script build.sh in this directory. If it succeeds, you should end up
    with the files pdftex and pdftex.pool in build/texk/web2c

    If you are using a TeX distribution older than 2005 (e.g. teTeX 2.x), please
    first update your complete TeX installation.

    Replace the so-named files in your TeX installation with these and regenerate
    all formats of your TeX installation (e.g. with "fmtutil --refresh").

    If all else fails, follow the clues in README, src/texk/INSTALL and

    I do not understand a thing how to get this work
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    Dr Transport

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    Install a LaTex gui such as Technicenter....

    Look at www.tug.org for them and you should be able to make it work fairly quickly.
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