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News Mildly entertaining

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    LoL. Oh dear...
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    Man, Frances did a great job sliding right between Palm Beach and St. Lucie. Good thing God's vengence is more discriminating than it has been in the past, glad he didn't like drown the world or rain fire down on the USA for electing Bush, just got the Republican counties, very tactful of God.
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    I imagine this little joke will upset some of the republications at PF.
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    I also like that hurricanes are only about half a county wide, at most. I never realized such storms could sliip into even the smallest of areas like that.
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    I imagine it's referring to the central point of the eye in all of the hurricanes.

    Phatmonky, don't spoil the joke. :rofl:
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    Phatmonkey's right, this is clearly Liberal propaganda of the worst kind. It was probabally dreamed up by Howard Dean as he was eating soy-chips, listening to Das Kapital on tape,smoking copious amounts of marijuana and being serviced by Monica Lewinsky with a ring of burning American flags around him. The Kerry campaign is clearly using this to lie to people and make them think God's really angry at Republicans, when every level-headed person knows that the Republican party is infact the party of God, and God hates liberals. I say we give whoever made that the old "Abu Gharib" and put pictures of that on the internet and see how people who post pictures on the internet like it then.

    God bless America
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    I find your defensiveness interesting.
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    I was actually trying to mock you and the person who posted below you...
    I find your pre-disposition to categorize my remarks as defensive interesting.
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    waste, I would have gone with "I find your offensiveness interesting." :wink:

    (Ummm, Phatmonky, no disrespect intended...just a joke.)
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    Lmao, this is so hilarious.
    I'm keeping this picture despite the obvious propoganda value.
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    When I first saw it, I about rolled off into the floor.
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    Are you all sure about the accuracy of the data in that picture? The lines seem askew.

    First of all, Charley took a northeast turn and hit Orlando in Orange County and left the state through Volusia County, and the eye did not go as far north as Duval County.

    The intersection of Charley and Frances should be south of where it is, near north-central Polk/Lake Wales area.

    Frances' path maintained a westward path after it hit Lake Wales and went through Northern Hillsborough, Southern Pasco (where im at), and Northern Pinellas Counties. Frances then went into the Gulf of Mexico and hit the Panhandle.

    Ivan's track hit the westernmost panhandle in Escambia county, right next to the southern-most counties in Alabama. It did not make landfall that far east.
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    Motai, it's not the accuracy that's funny - this is a joke.

    The whole idea of someone creating this image, relating it to the 2000 election, and on top of that relating it to God is just plain funny.

    Enjoy it.

    Edit: I didn't think Ivan landed that far east. As far Charley and Frances, I haven't kept up with them.
  16. Sep 20, 2004 #15
    touche :D ......
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