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Militants and murder of innocents

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    I'm so sad right now. I just watched the horrible footage of some iraqi insurgents murdering innocent Nepalese men who were in Iraq trying to earn a living. They beheaded a man then shot the others in the back of the head. How can people be so barbaric? I believe that we all have to live together on this planet. we have no place else to go. But how can we live in peace with people that shed innocent blood? I really hate to say this but i'm very wary of muslims now. Beheading people for God? How do you compromise with people that to advance their cause they will kill themselves and as many innocent people as possible?
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    That's the problem with religion in general, you end up with a lunatic fringe. It is not fair to condemn all Muslims because of the press the fringe gets.

    We don't allow religious posts here because they get so heated and out of hand.
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