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Military >Peace?

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    If every soilder from militarry quit at this second, what the world is like for the next second ???? :approve:
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    That would depend upon whether re-enlisted or not, I think..
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    well aside the fact you cant just quite the military..but i see where your coming from - but do you mean in the world? or this country? because you need to note not all people whom cause trouble is an actual nation, but various groups of other people that oppose another cause
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    Tough question. The assumptions that are made about the reaction of the general population are what determine the outcome.
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    I would personally feel better that the world would be finally free of war... but that is not reality.

    Somewhere, guerillas will form up and challenge the government and exploit the people for their own personal gain, and then the government won't have anyone to defend those citizens. If the military is to exist, it should be just for that purpose to achieve a lasting peace. Sadly some people do want to exploit others and put them in danger, and there is nothing we can do about it except have a military/law enforcement standing by in case something does go wrong.
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    TsunamiJoe, not every one live in US. I think if only one country does it, then that country will be quickly eliminated by the other. Then there are also some non-govermental group who will treathen us. Yet some or might be mostly of the guerillas are ex-militer.

    What i do belive now that one day, that will happen. do you ???
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    The world would be gullible for the next second.

    Right after that moment, groups of people would then form their own militaries, which will then develop into national armies - and similar to what we have now. In other words, conflict will always be there. It's because people want to attain and increase power - to protect themselves from people who would endanger their freedoms.

    Peace is only attained when a group takes it upon themselves to cooperate in order to improve their situation - their power, freedom, abilities, etc. If that contract ever stops being helpful, the peace will end. Peace because people are tired of death and suffering will only last for a finite amount of time - or until the next guy with a great thirst for power comes along.
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    Complete anarchy, then lions, tigers and crocodiles would eat us.
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    ariel - that was what i was getting at in my post that if it were just one country they would be eliminated, and if it was the world to be rid of it, mofias, syndicates, and cartels(just to name a few) would assume power
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    There are people out there besides soldiers to do harm...
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    I was thinking i haven't killed enoguh threads as of late, and this one seemed ripe from the first post. So here's a good stab at it.

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    May one day harm is needless.
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