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Milk vs Fish

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    I have heard that drinking milk after or before eating fish is not recommended from many people,

    I wanted to know if this is a myth or has a scientific reason?

    Many thanks in advance :smile:
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    It's a myth. Many people all over the world eat fish and milk with no consequences. I was raised in a fishing town, myself.
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    There are literally dozens of recipes that call for (mostly smoked) fish poached in milk. Is not chowder an American dish of fish and other seafood in a milky, creamy soup? I'm not sure where from comes the idea that there is anything about the combination to raise the slightest concern. Except perhaps a purely culinary one. The best chefs will tell you that fresh fish should be poached in white wine. It is apparently a common mistake of inexperienced chefs to poach fresh fish in milk. Smoked fish in milk, fresh fish in white wine is considered the form.
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    Probably no need to chime in, but whoever came up with that "rule" was not from New England. Fish chowder is typically made from cod, pollock, and other white fish, with onions and potatoes in a base of cream and milk. If you've got access to them, it is also common to add lobster meat, clam bodies, etc.

    Chowder is a favorite "warm up" meal in cold weather, and a great draw for tourists in all weather. I don't know if they are still in operation, but McLeod's in Bucksport, and the Snow Squall in South Portland were always high on my list for traditional fish chowders when I was doing tech service work for paper mills. Unless one is lactose-intolerant or allergic to shellfish, the only "risk" of eating good fish chowder is a chance of over-eating.
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