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Miller Effect

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    The Miller Effect has always intrigued me. This ancient paper analyzing the phenomenon shows some incredibly lucid analytic methods....something I think is missing from a lot of modern electrical engineers.
    I'd like to have some discussion on this.

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    jim hardy

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    Wow ! Now i can't wait to dig out my 1920 Signal Corps radio manual !

    Those old books show how the pioneers struggled to dig out and explain how things work. They make me appreciate how much the educators have streamlined those explanations.
    Like you i marvel at the tenacity of those early guys. Spark gap radios weren't far in the past. My old Signal Corps book describes generating RF carrier with multipole rotating alternators !

    Not a Laplace transform in that whole paper. Of course control theory hadn't yet been modernized by the German rocket scientists...

    Thanks - i think i'll print myself a copy of that one.

    old jim
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    Those old paper are fun to look at but my were authors wordy back then. If the goal is to have an interesting discussion on the deep meaning of the Miller effect it is good. If the goal is to design circuits that work, Kent's one-page introduction is more effective.

    Miller effect is intriguing you're right. Without the Miller effect, no one would use a cascode!
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    The thing that is so impressive is that folks of this era had no coattails upon which to ride. Very few young whippersnappers realize what pioneers these were!
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    Quite true. Very few young designers are even aware of the history of our field and it's a shame.
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