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Millikan's experiment.

  1. Nov 14, 2004 #1
    Using BASIC physics, and being given some results of Millikan's experiment, how would i calculate elementary charge. Basic physics means using the following equation:

    q = mgr

    Here are some results:

    mass (kg) voltage (V) distance (m)
    3.2X10^-15 140.0 0.005
    2.4X10^-15 147.0 0.005
    1.9X10^-15 290.9 0.005
    4.2X10^-15 214.4 0.005

    i used the above equation to find the charge on each oil drop. Then what do i do?
    P.S. I'm only in grade 12, and i only the basics of this topic. Please don't use crazy 4th year advanced physics.

    Thanx a lot
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