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Millikan's oil drop

  1. Nov 13, 2007 #1
    Im doing millikan's oil drop experiment as my A level physics coursework to eventually calculate the electronic charge. Im fine with all the theory but what im really struggling with is the actual practical experiment.

    I have seen the oil drops alot and have managed to manipulate them using a voltage however now when ive come back to the experiment after the weekend i cant see anything and if i do see something its just a really faint cloud of oil drops where i cant pick out a single one to analyse. Why is it so temperamental?

    Also i got some initial results for oil drops (which came out to be about 2micrometers radius) under a voltage of around 200v but the charge was far too high (approximate to 100-200 electrons). I hooked up the apparatus to a higher voltage and tried to take some results (at about 1000-2000V) but didnt get much...are all my oil drops too highly charged? I really want to isolate and analyse some which only have a few electrons on them but this seems impossible. Would removing the rubber end of the atomiser stop the oil drops from being so highly charged?

    Any help would be really appreciated aswell as any practical tips for the experiment (i only have 4 hours left!)

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