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Million Dollar Ideas

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    Last night my girlfriend was doing laundry when she let out a blood curdling scream. While I am quite used to this sound it usually only happens when I ask for sex, so I knew something was wrong. I went to investigate and found her holding a tangled mass of clothes hangers. "I hate clothes hangers," she said, "invent me a new way to hang clothes that doesn't get tangled." I did so and realizing that I'm too lazy to do anything with the idea decided to start this thread. I have about 17 earth changing ideas everyday, but they sit there in idea form only. This thread can be a way for the clothes hanger inventors and the garment hanging industry can get together. If you have an idea you could place it here and if you are looking for an idea you can come here and get it. After making proper compensation to the idea man of course. I know this isn't exactly a copyright, but it is a public forum which can be dated and verified. P.S. Any idea is valid not only those relating to clothes hanging.
    That being said here is the new and improved clothes hanger.
    First off you need some background information. A springboard is something used by lumberjacks. Jack cuts a notch into a tree with his axe and jams the springboard into the notch to give himself a platform to stand on. My hangers don't rely on the common rod we use to hang old style hangers from, instead a fastener is attatched to the back wall of the closet. this fastener runs the entire length of the closet and resembles two boards one over the other with a gap inbetween. the hangers themselves are straight rods, one end fits into the gap and is held in place by gravity, spring board fashion. Clothes are hung by running the rod through the sleeves of shirts, this would only work for short sleeved clothes, so the rods are split length-wise. Long sleeved clothes are folded in half, like the shirt is clapping its hands, and one half of the rod goes up each sleeve. If the clothing material is really thick, ie a sweater, two rods could be used. Pants can be draped over the rod. what do you think?
    Extra and unused hangers can be stored tangle-free, upright in something like an umbrella stand.
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    Idea number two

    this is more of a marketing idea.
    Americans are infatuated with Indians. I always found it interesting that they never invented the wheel, or anything we think of as industrial. I figure it would be possible to play upon this and use the following pitch: "Now we all know that Indians are just as intelligent as any other race, so while other races were inventing things like the wheel what were they doing? They were thinking about nature. We have developed this food supplement/vitamin/diet pill using wisdom passed down through generation after generation of learned Indian Medicine Men. etc etc.
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    Tribdog, this one is quite unusual. But, ya know... I kinda like it!!! :wink: :biggrin: I'd like to try this!!
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    straight rods don't work though, need to figure out some notches or something to keep them straight.
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