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Homework Help: Mind boggled.(integrals)

  1. May 12, 2005 #1
    I'm coming to a realization that i really dont get how to do integrals.
    i understand the basic concept, it's an anti-derivative. when you evaluate them, you sub in the values that you want to evaluate, and subtract them bottom from top.

    i also understand that when you integrate, you get the area under the graph, and that you can use them to find the volume when you rotate the graph around an axis.

    all that said, i still have extreme difficulty with them for no reason that i can pin point. i'm doing the course through distance ed, and my contact person is useless, so i'm turning here for a little help, if someone could point out something i'm missing, maybe just explain them again in a slightly different way...

    thanks in advance
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    You have the basic concept down. I guess the most effective way to get good is to practice. I used to be horrible at integrals, but i have gotten much better, yet I am no expert...i practiced a lot. get familiar with all of the different techniques of integrals, like u substitution, trig sub, by parts..etc. And again, just practice, and you should get better.
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