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Mind boggling water trick

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    can any one explain this?

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    It's not adhesion, it's video editing.
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    I am sorry! I didn't watch the whole video. I assumed he was going to do the same old trick of cardboard sticking to the glass rim upside down. I apologise again.
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    Can't you just watch it? He made the water stay like the shape of the glass after removing it.
    It's pretty entertaining to watch
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    It's video editing, as Bandersnatch said, nothing else.
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    Yeah, he does not even touch it and it collapsed. But still it's pretty amazing to watch
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    Yes nice trick. How did he fake it? All video editing or Wet Jello?
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    The free standing water looks similar to the reflections and transparency by produced by a ray-tracing. And he just supper-imposed that figure onto the background of the room.
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    Since this is no longer a physics issue, it has been moved to the GD forum.

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    Not trying to be insulting, but what I find mind boggling is that people actually think this is anything but video editing.
    I mean, I could somewhat understand being tricked by this one:

    (The part where he removes the paper)
    But thinking the entire glass shaped column of water will stand up on its own? Come on.
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    Are you referring to me?
    I don't believe this is super amazing physics. I said this is nice to watch(I have even written it in bold)
    I know that this is videoshopped.
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    No, I can see you made it clear you didn't think it was actually real. I don't know why you'd think I was referring to you.
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    my mistake, I had recently seen too much of unbelievable physics phenomenon (like water boiling at zero degrees etc) and i thought this to be related to some physics principle which I didn't know.
    any way thanks everyone for clearing my doubt.;-)
  16. Jun 14, 2014 #15

    This is great to! I would give anything to make this a possibility.
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