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Mind Games

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    I listened to a radio program, "This American Life," on the topic of Mind Games.

    Prologue and Act One. Host Ira Glass interviews Lori Gottlieb about the time she sent a letter to a writer in a magazine, a letter packed with white lies. One complication led to another and before long, the writer seemed to be lying to her. Or maybe he wasn't. It was hard to tell. Years later, she still isn't sure what happened.

    She met the guy who actually thought they had met previously. Lori made up the story. Even after she confessed, the guy still wanted to believe they had met. :rolleyes:

    Lori Gottlieb's website - http://www.lorigottlieb.com/index.html

    Act 2. One of the stunts was done by a group called Improv Everywhere (http://www.improveverywhere.com/) [Broken], which decides that members of an unknown band playing their first New York gig ought to think they're a smash hit. So they study the band's music and then crowd the performance, pretending to be hard-core fans.

    The band was Ghosts of Pasha - http://www.ghostsofpasha.com/ [Broken]

    The radio program's website -

    Interesting and strange stuff.
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