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Mind over matter

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    So ive been thinking about consciousness and such.
    If we say that complex systems obey a ruleset larger than the individual rulesets of each component, and we then apply this to our brain and chemistry etc, can we say that consciousness is a larger ruleset that guides its physical parts?

    It's been long thought by people that they are individuals with free will, when they decide on something, it was entirely their choice, and they feel a sense of self while doing it.
    If we look underneath the hood, we see that the brain is a very marvelous thing capable of a great deal of things.

    So many people say, materialists in particular, "its only an illusion, we are slaves of our components, slaves of causality nad nature".
    But think about this, how do you seperate an illusion from a fact, when that illusion is purely man made in the first place?

    And how do you seperate man made concepts from objective concepts, when there is no empirical evidence to support such a consciousness?

    Is consciousness itself a specific natural function, or is it an illusion forced on us by our physical parts?
    And is there a difference between the two?

    I like to think that 1. we are the only ones in the universe capable of deciding if we have free will or not, and if our consciousness controls our physical parts.
    Because only a conscious brain could tell what it is to be conscious, and as such a computer or machine could never make physical evidence to support that we arent mind over matter.

    When we do everything we do in daily life, its already proven right there I think. If I want some chocolate, but I decide im not going to eat it because i must watch my weight, noone can determine if the physical parts of the brain as a whole decided to, or if the individual parts worked together and made the illusion that a whole exists.

    Something is created in the brain, all the individual parts make up something which in the end controls how all the individual parts work, simply because we are cogntivie and conscious.

    I hope I worded this correctly, and Im hoping for some valuable input and things I may have forgotten.
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    Hi Bola,

    Most of these issues are being addressed on the thread called "Past, Present, future". If you don't get the responses you hope for, check it out.
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