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Mind ramblings

  1. Oct 19, 2006 #1
    The other day I was browsing a forum dealing with immortality and I read people taking their idiotic ideas to absolutely mind-bending directions.

    I quote:

    "I do fully agree with you about creating our own universe and stuff (just don't think it's gonna happen any time soon). But, there is a problem. You can't live forever when your body is still biological. You will one day have to replace your organs and your brain. But if you can do that, where will it end? Eventually, we'll end up as digital codes. We'll be no different from a computer program. Only then can you truly be immortal, but you won't be alive at all, right? If our lives end up into becoming mindless drones to an almighty supercomputer, then what's the freaking point? I'm sure you don't want to be somekind of firewall instead of a soldier I'm talking to everyone, I just use "you" a lot."

    Can someone tell me, how come a mind embedded inside a universe, by all means absolutely controlled by it (physical laws, etc), surely going to vanish into oblivion upon death, can contemplate things that are beyond the universe itself, that are completely baseless, idiotic, self-centered and unjustified?

    Is it because of language or what?
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    Everyone likes to think about what they don't know an even better; what they can never become or experience. I don't specifically think the guy who wrote the comment is wasting his time. A few decades ago, wormholes and black holes were like this philososphy, yet today, they are generally accepted as scientific fact. In all, people philosophize all the time; it's like imagination. And everyone knows you can't stop a person's imagination :)
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    I dont understand your question.
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    I don't get it. I don't know what the context of that quote was, so I have no idea what he's talking about, or how justified he is. What does "create our own universe" mean? Is that the only part you were referring to as "beyond the universe itself, completely baseless, idiotic, self-centered and unjustified?" Are you saying the entire concept of artificial intelligence is ridiculous to talk about?
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