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Medical Mind trasfer

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    I've been thinking about this topic for a long time and found a lot of info on the web about it leading me to believe its bound to happen soon.

    More Info : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_uploading

    Apparently it's entirely realistic, but I can't find an actual ETA, for example, the creation of a computer capable of the processing power similar or greater than our own brain is projected for 2025. The whole process is projected to be entirely possible within the 21st century so 2100 is the latest (hopefully).

    The general idea is that there are at least 2 ways this can happen, us living in computers in a simulated world or creating an artificial body that we can control (way more complicated obviously and further down the line).

    In other words eternal life is a definite possibility, and with the whole concept of DNA based computing, as in using DNA (purpose built to store information) instead of silicone based chips could mean that we can pretty much recreate our brains and have multiple copies everywhere.

    What do u guys think, ETA in your opinion ?
    Would u do it ?*

    *Current methods of transferring the mind revolve around destroying the brain in the process ( serial sectioning, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_uploading#Copying_vs._moving ) though by the time this whole thing is operational we might not have to resort to this method anyway, but who knows.

    Im just learning about this topic and am very interested any other info u guys can point me towards or share would be greatly appreciated.
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    Well, computing processing aside, I think the biggest hurdle is with regards to how "complete" the transfer is with respect to identity.
    That is, is it "you" where you can actually exist, or just a clone of you (which your personal identity can not exist?)
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    what do you mean ? if it's your brain doesnt it mean that its you ? what is this personal identity stuff you bring up, i actually dont understand :(, would you care to elaborate ?
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    Welcome to the PF. Wikipedia is not recognized as an authoritative source for scientific information here. You will need to post some links to reputable, mainstream, refereed journal articles discussing this subject, if you want this thread to remain open. We do not discuss science fiction here in the technical PF forums.
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    I don't see this concept being "on the horizon", but if you want a fanciful examination of the potential consequences I recommend Richard K. Morgan's 'Altered Carbon' trilogy. That's as close as anyone alive today is going to get to uploading themselves to a computer.
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    To expound on what Pallidin was saying, let's say that you make a copy of your brain by uploading it into a computer. Now, there is you in your physical body and an exact copy of your brain on a computer.

    Do you think that you will now be equally conscious in both your physical body AND in the brain copy on your computer simultaneously? I think not.

    Let's say you download the copy of your brain into a physical body. Now, there are two bodies in space, with the same exact brain within them both. Which one do you have control of? Probably just your original body.

    It might seem to your family members that you are exactly the same in every way (here I assume that the other body is an exact copy of the original), and you will be.

    But, you won't ever be in conscious control of the new body.

    I think.
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    Sorry, science fiction thread closed pending pwnstylez's PM response to me.
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