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Mind upload doesn't make any sense...

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    After reading about deep learning and neural networks:

    The biggest problem with mind upload is how to scan the existing brain before we upload it into neural network storage. But do we really need to put new wine into old bottles? Instead of uploading an existing (imperfect) mind, it is MUCH easier to generate a new one, virtual humans v2.0. It fixes problems with overpopulation, unemployment, star travel, even death (backup/restore/hybernate/copy).

    Unfortunately, during the creation, we, humans v1.0, will be facing the full-scale psychological zombie problem, and I am not sure that this problem is, in principle, solvable, because the notion of qualia could be the fixed point of consciousness, so no conscious being (v1.0) can understand what qualia v1.0 really is. (probably, v2.0 being can understand it, but they have another fixed point on their level and can't understand their selves)

    I am sure virtual humans won't be interested in star travel. Forget about Star Trek. Having an unlimited computing power, it would be MUCH easier to simulate the Big Bang and to analyze endless potential evolution scenarios without actually flying so far for so long. At least, until the civilization would have to evacuate from aging Sun, which will be relatively easy in their new form.

    Dyson spheres? Forget about it. It is an oversimplified extrapolation of our energy consumption. Not smarter than famous "In 50 years, every street in London will be buried under nine feet of manure.”

    The "Great Silence Mystery"? Easy. Virtual beings are simply uninterested. They just have too few common subjects to discuss with biological beings, which are mostly concerned with different methods of exchanging the biological fluids.What percentage of people you know are interested in the discussion over the existence of the inaccessible cardinals, for example?

    This evening I will drink vodka for the few remaining human generations in an attempt to forget what I have just wrote. Yes, doomsday argument is right - just few remaining generations. This will not be the End, but it will be the end of the biological evolution. We are just the tool for bringing something superior into existence. Chin chin, fellow australopitecs.
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    Are you preparing to write a science fiction novel?

    There is no known technique to upload a mind intact to any device or software application.

    Here's a wikipedia article on its hypothetical status:


    To be clear, there is no means to upload a mind so it is in the speculative science and technology genre which we don't discuss in general on PF.

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