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Mini Musical Fountain HELP!

  1. Apr 17, 2013 #1
    Hi ALL!
    I am new to this forum,but have been reading the posts from the forum for some time now.Lately,I and my friends have come up with a project of our own.That is to build a musical fountain,size of a laptop.For people who are not sure what it looks like,a real musical fountain looks like:

    But we are just building a small one,maybe covered in glass box to prevent the water from flowing out?We did some research,came across this:


    but of course,we dont think is enough..Can anyone,help to guide us?Helps and comments are welcomed,good or bad.We appreciate every single effort and comments made.Thank You all
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    That's way beyond me. I would have just stretched a perforated rubber sheet over a pressurized water tank and acoustically coupled it to a speaker. :redface:

    Kidding. Cost permitting, I would use solenoid valves as they show in the video, but a lot more of them. Of more concern would be steering the jet nozzles. I'm thinking that such might require stepper motors. Some coloured LED's shining through the nozzles would be a nice touch.
    As to making it follow the music, I have no idea. The kids in the video seem to have a decent handle on that, except for the steering stuff.
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