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Aerospace Mini Project Ideas

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    I need ideas to make something for my 6th semester of aerospace engineering. I am stuck with thoughts which either cost me more than my college tuition or consume nearly a decade of my life to make. I am in desperate need of ideas which are cheap, creative, and still a great way of scoring with the professors. It should be something relating to the aeronautical/aerospace field.
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    Model size gas turbine built from a kit or published design and built into a desktop test rig .

    Microscope slide sized wind tunnel with instrumentation and corrected density gas flow .

    Demonstrate hands off manufacture of complex component for an engine or airframe using 3D CAD and DMLS .

    Demonstrate aerofoil section which can be designed and 3D printed in plastic in very short time for tests.

    Design and make a rig to demonstrate diagonal tension field failure of stressed airframe panels and match results to calcs/FE .
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