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Mini USB to Micro USB

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    Does anyone here know if it's possible to connect my Canon S100 (with a mini USB port) to my Nexus 7 tablet (with a micro USB port), to copy the pictures over?
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    Short answer, No

    But there is a way to transfer files from your camera directly to your tablet.

    http://www.eye.fi/ [Broken]
    The eye-fi allows you to automatically transfer photo's from your camera to a smartphone/tablet using built in wifi on the standard looking SD card.

    http://www.eye.fi/products/android [Broken]
    download the Android app on your tablet.

    Personally i had no idea this technology existed until looking into this, so glad you asked this question, im planning on buying one of these cards myself as i too have an android phone and had similar issues.

    Also i checked the compatability of your camera and it is supported with the eye-fi.

    I am unaware if there are other companies that offer the same products for a cheaper price as this is the first site i came accross that offered these products.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the reply. I had considered an eye-fi card, but was hoping for a cabled solution because I figured it would be cheaper, and I don't really need them uploaded on the fly. I just want them onto my tablet so I can do minor editing and uploading to social networks. If I can't find something cheaper, I'll probably go ahead with the eye-fi card.

    With further searching, I found this. Any idea if I plug the other end of the camera cable into that, would my tablet be able to read it? Or maybe an SD to USB adapter? I haven't been able to find an SD to micro USB adapter, do they exist at all?
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    After doing a fair bit of research, i can say the OTG usb device should work off the bat, and if it doesnt there is this alternative that i found:

    Check this blog out if you want to know the extent at which you may have to modify you may have to modify your nexus 7 to enable it to work.

    cheaper alternative, alot of screwing around with your new device.

    This may not be the case and it may just "work" as others have not had to do all of the above.

    good luck!
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    I just ordered the OTG adapter. Should be here in a week or two. I'll post back here once I've tried it out.
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    As far as I know mini and micro usb are electrically compatible, so you could splice together your own cable on the cheap if you have two connectors you don't mind destroying. No circuitry should be involved, just direct wiring. Correspondingly, the adapters should be pretty cheap anyway.

    Android 3.0+ (and maybe earlier) will support mounting usb filesystems, but I doubt anyone expected the micro usb port to be used for this. I imagine some additional software will be needed. You'll have to root the device, as well.
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    I have used www.mycablemart.com a few times and while they sell low cost imports, their selection and service have been top notch. I did not see a cable that goes mini to micro - they do have some adapters that may do the trick.

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    You cannot tether straight into the tablet from your camera. The EYEfi is the only solution out there but is too slow for what you are asking. my team and i are working to help you cable in and allow fast edits! it's called the gnarbox... check it out (when it comes out in a few months!) and feel free to get involved in helping us test and design.
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