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Miniature airships

  1. Sep 17, 2013 #1
    I starting my third year project at university and i'm going to be designing and building a miniature airship (no more than 1m in diameter). i was just wondering if anyone here knows any companies that sell small airships, or do custom orders since i really only need the helium envelope and frame work.

    only company i've found so far is imagine inflatables (not sure if they'll do what i need, emailing them today) all the other search results i've come up with are either for airships in video games or miniatures for wargamming.
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    right, I've posted on the smallblimps forum, there really not being helpful. emailed the guys at airship.com. tried finding other companies that might help but still having trouble. haven't got a reply from either airship or imagine inflatables.

    seems if a company deals with airships/blimps at all, its just complete ones for advertisement.

    got my design sorted so the only thing i need it the gas bag, hell if i can just find the right material, i'll make it myself.
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    Why not just use a few surplus weather balloons as gas bags?
    You can build a frame and envelope to hold them. You will not have much weight margin at that size, so simplificate and add lightness.
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    yeah thats the conclusion i came to. i'm just going to get a small weather balloon and build the frame around it.
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