Miniature Bridge design?

  1. So I am the leader of a small group who has to build a bridge in 30 minutes on the last day of school. The only materials we can use are play-dough, straws, and rubber bands and it has to stretch 30 cm between two tables. Though I was looking for some ideas of a bridge design to use. Should I go with something simple like a king or queen post or something more complicated like a solid ribbed arch or a through truss? Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Can you say more about your own ideas for design options? What are the tradeoffs?
  4. After thinking about the time it would take to do something very detailed, I was thinking about doing a king's post design. The main tradeoff would be time and material. If it is not completed in time or we a end up short a little of materials to finish, then obviously an unfinished bridge is going to fail.
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    How long are your straws?

    Using them in compression is problematic, tension is easier to maintain.
  6. I assume basic straw length. We get 50 straws and 300 rubber bands.
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