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Homework Help: Minimal Energy

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    The asteroid Ceres has mass of 7 times 10 to the power of 20 kg and radius of 550000 m.

    a)What is the gravitational field strength at the surface of Ceres? DONE 0.15 N kg to the power of -1

    b)What is the gravitational potential at the surface of Ceres?DONE 85 kilo J kg to the power of -1

    c)What is the minimum escape velocity from the surface?DONE 410 m s to the power of -1

    d)What is the minimum energy required to escape from Ceres? i do not know this part. Could I use a formulae of Kinetik energy? Please help me.
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    I'm not an expert yet. Therefore I'm not sure of my post.

    I think this formula may be helpful:

    v2 = 2gh

    You have v (= minimum escape velocity) and g (= gravitational field strength).
    You can figure out h (= height),

    and you already know:
    Ep = mgh
    E = mv2 / 2

    You need mass for calculating energy. Can you use 1 kg mass in the formula? I don't know...
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    The energy required is the energy it takes to go from the surface of the asteroid to infinity. So, unless I'm mistaken, you must integrate the force over that distance.
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    Thank you both.
    However, is someone really suru about right formulae?
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