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Minimal (super)stringtheory

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    Here is a very interesting paper with some very adapt notions contained. As strings goens, this is actually a cool paper.


    Another paper detailing 2-Dimensional superspace:http://uk.arxiv.org/PS_cache/hep-th/pdf/0211/0211222.pdf

    certainly makes one ask some interseting questions, here is just a snippit:Conclusions and open questions We have presented the action and some of the elementary properties of a defect conformal
    field theory describing intersecting D3-branes, including some aspects of the AdS/CFT dictionary. There remain many interesting open questions, of which we enumerate a few below.

    The defect conformal field theory requires further field-theoretic analysis. One of the stranger features of this theory is that it contains massless two-dimensional scalars with (presumably) exactly marginal gauge, Yukawa, and scalar potential couplings. It is not
    at all obvious that one can construct a Hilbert space corresponding to operators with power law correlation functions, due to the logarithmic correlators of the two-dimensional scalars. It would be very interesting if one could show this to all orders in perturbation
    As a precursor to including gravity into the holographic map, it would be interesting to study the energy-momentum tensor of the defect conformal field theory in detail. We did not find any evidence of an enhancement of the two-dimensional SO(2, 2) global conformal
    symmetry to a full infinite-dimensional conformal symmetry on the two-dimensional defect. A study of the energy-momentum tensor would allow us to address this question conclusively at least from the field-theoretic side. For example, if an enhancement did indeed occur it should manifest itself in the form of a two-dimensional energy-momentum tensor which is holomorphically conserved.

    Interesting thoughts come to mind, especially about the 'energy-momentum tensor of the defect conformal field theory '.
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