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Minimizing EKG artifacts

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    Do you know what are the main ways to increase EKG's alarm accuracy whilst eliminating artifacts?
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    Re: Electrocardiogram

    Sure. What is the context of the question?

    And welcome to the PF, BTW. :smile:
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    Re: Electrocardiogram

    Sorry for not keeping it updated.
    I've recently developed a disposable 10-lead EKG leadwire system specifically for Anesthesia and vital sign monitors for Intensive care units. Due to the massive use of equipment in this unit the leadwires are fully shielded. However, artifacts still exist which also causes false alarms from time to time. I wonder what is the main ways to increase alarm accuracy, eliminate artifacts so I can adopt in my products.

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    Re: Electrocardiogram

    My product--a disposable EKG leadwire system, carries with an adapter cable. When I use a 5-lead adapter cable to Datex-Ohmeda S/5 anaesthesia monitor, it shows 5 leads. But when I use the same cable to Datex-Ohmeda S/5 vital sign monitor or S/5 compact, it shows 3 leads. What is going on?

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