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Minimizing laptop startup time

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    I've got a Dell n series laptop. Thing is it takes aproximately 2-3 minutes to power up and it also takes an awful lot of time to open a new windows (say My Computer) and to shut down. How can I minimize these times?
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    A big help is reducing the number of programs and services loaded at startup.

    Solid state drives are also wonderful if you can afford one and tolerate a smaller drive capacity.
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    why not use suspend or sleep mode ie dont turn it off only close the cover but keep it plugged into the outlet. It uses much less battery but still drains it so you need to keep it plugged in.

    It should be quickly usable as opening the cover wakes it up within a few seconds but not as fast as an ipad.
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    Yeah, I'd start by looking at the back apps running and see what programs are in the startup menu you don't want automatically loaded. It's also possible to make bios adjustments for faster boot times like skipping the post, but if you don't know much about bios adjustments I recommend caution.
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    It's also possible you have a virus which is doing 'who knows what' in the background. Have you checked the system with virus detection software?
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    2-3 minutes sounds like registry bloat. You could spend several hours mucking about with it, or you could just reformat the thing and restore your data from backup / reconnect to the cloud. Once I learned how to make backups I forgot how to fix Windows. I don't use Windows anymore however.
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