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Minimum separation

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    two frictionless pucks are placed on a level surface, as shown, at an initial distance of 20.0 m. the mass of puck 1 is 0.80 kg and it has a charge of +3.0 X 10^-4 C., while puck 2 is 0.40 kg with a charge of +3.0 X 10^-4 C. the initial velocity of puck 1 is 12.0 m/s (E) and the initial velocity of puck 2 is 8.0 m/s (W). find the minimum separation of the two pucks (the minimum distance between the pucks>

    1: i'm totally lost
    would i use
    E= delta V/r
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    Which forms of energy are at play? How do they relate to each other?
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