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Minimum set of attributes

  1. Mar 20, 2004 #1
    I've come to a conclusion regarding the existence of anything and that is:

    That there exists a minimum set of attributes, information, that will constitute a real thing. The simplest form of information is a bit, state on, state off. Information is what makes the universe work; particles sense information about their environment through reactions with other elements. Given that a particle's state or wave collapse determines the fate of a reaction, could there be information minima for reality, could it be as simple as a bit? Some might consider this type of thinking too simple, lacking the ability to explain quantum randomness. But consider a recursive bit element that continuously compliments its state, meaning it "nots" its condition and it does so instantly, just as a photon can transform into an electron and positron instantly. Its humble two states are never predicable, no matter when you measured its state you could never can predict its next state at any given time in the future. This simple one function one bit particle is unpredictable. Building a universe from such a simple logic is not impossible but proving it would be difficult.
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