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Minor for chemistry major

  1. Sep 28, 2011 #1
    I'd like to minor in either physics, math, or biology. I'm currently only a sophomore in community college and as I'm not all that sure where I actually want to go in the field of chemistry, I'd prefer simple advice on each subject and what directions I might go in with each subject.

    And since I can't tell you what plans I have for the future, perhaps it would help if I gave a little insight into my interests (perhaps someone could also advise me on an overall career/education path I might enjoy):
    -I love problem solving (I consider calculus homework to be one of my pastimes:smile:)
    -I enjoy programming (although I consider it more of a self-taught hobby than something I'd want to study in college)
    -I like knowing how things work (it bothers me if I don't)
    -I'm fascinated by abstract/microscopic ideas/things (i.e. in biology, I'd rather learn about proteins than reptiles)
    -I'm a very hands on person

    Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks. :)
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    Physics seems to fit the bill. It has problem solving, microscopic analysis (proteins instead of reptiles), programming is used to solve many problems, fundamental answers to how things work, and hands-on experimental work (though much theoretical knowledge is a requisite).
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    Physics is probably a solid choice. If you haven't really decided on what areas of chemistry interest you most, it will serve you well whether you end up in the more physical chemistry-oriented side of things or not (even if you end up doing biochemistry or organic chemistry, you'll know enough physics to not just treat spectroscopic or analytical methods as a "black box" of sorts).

    Although I feel compelled to note that the one thing that increases as you progress in science is your awareness of how much you don't know and how little we know about what we do know actually works in detail. ;)
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    "The more I learn, the more I learn how little I know." :)

    Thanks for the advice.
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