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Minor in EE

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    What does anyone think about a Software Engineering Major with a minor in EE or a minor in financial mathematics / finance. I am currently a MechE major but don't like it. I could go full out EE/CompE, but I'm scared of the unknown and time is running out for uncertainty.

    Ultimately, I would like to get a Ms in Computational finance or an MBA. Engineering is nice, but I hear that in the real world, you do very little after a certain point and it turns into management (not good if you only have engineering skills). Best to keep it as a hobby or risk recking the interest (Like MechE).

    Also there are few engieering opportunities where I'm from, but family want me to do something like engineering as a background for school, I agree. It's a challenge and it "opens doors". Plus its a ton of fun.

    Safe majors are EE,CompE,MechE. I don't know about SE...
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    Ok, Is there anyone who is start to dislike EE or CS?

    If so could you please tell me why?
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    What do you actually like about EE? You have expressed dislike for ME, but you haven't really mentioned why you think EE is a fit for you.
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    A minor in electrical engineering will do essentially nothing for you in industry. It might make some people take a longer look at your resume, but it won't actually prepare you to do anything meaningful.

    - Warren
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    Embedded systems? I say this because at my uni, a B.S.E is basically the software engineering from the science/cs facualty + a minor in EE from ECE. I don't know why it is that way. They have "software engineering" Bsc and "software engineering" B.S.E
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