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Minor in Math for EE

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    If one were to major in EE and wanted to minor in mathematics what math classes would you recomend. And if one were to want to minor in computer science what types of classes would you recomend this EE major?
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    For the EE major I have to take:
    Calc 1-3
    Ordinary Diff E
    Linear Algebra
    Computer Science 1 and 2

    Now for the math minor I only have to take two extra math classes and for the CS minor I have to take five extra classes. Here are the classes I was thinking about taking:
    Calculus of Several Variables
    Complex Variables
    Computer Systems (must take)
    C Programming Language
    Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
    Theoretical Foundations of Computing
    Mathematical Logic and Computability

    What do you think?
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    Calculus of Several Variables is a Pre Requisite for Complex Variables, so if I want to take Complex Variables (which I probably will since I am majoring in EE), then these are the two classs I would take for the minor. Does anyone see a reason why some other two math classes would be benificial, such as ordinary differential equations 2 and partial differential equations? Or something with linear and non-linear programming?
    And Discrete Math for CS is a Pre-Req for Theoretical Foundations. Do you all think these types of CS classes would be beneficial? I figure that if I only take 5 extra CS classes I might as well learn at least one other language (I will learn Java in Comp Sci 1), and then focus the other classes on one specific area. It seems to me that these logic classes would be benificial to the understanding of digital circuits. What do you all think?
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    I'm an EE doing mathematics minor as well.

    I have completed the following required math classes:

    Calculus 1
    Calculus 2
    Calculus 3
    Probability for engineers
    Ordinary Differential Equations

    These are the math classes I plan to take in addition to my required classes for my minor:

    Linear Algebra
    Introduction to Higher Mathematics
    Advanced Probability
    Functions of Complex Variables
    Advanced Linear Algebra (maybe)

    However, I only have three semesters left, so I hope I can fit those classes in with my engineering classes. If it comes down to one or two more classes, I MAY decide to stay an extra semester and finish the minor.
    As for CS, I'm not really sure what classes you should take for your minor. It depends on what is included in your degree requirement for EE, as well as what you can get credit for.

    For example: For my EE degree, I had to take a Microprocessor and Assembly Language programming class. I asked if this would count towards a CS minor and they said yes, because there was a similar CS class. So my advice would be to go ask your CS department what would count for a CS minor that you are required to take for your EE degree. There should be a good amount of overlap.
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    That is a lot of math classes! Why would you take Intro to Higher Mathematics? Isn't that class for people that are going into pure mathematics?
  7. Dec 21, 2005 #6
    No, there is actually another (higher level) class for people who are mathematics majors. The class I'm going to be taking is an introduction to proof writing, which is a prerequisite for any of the higher level classes I want to take.

    I actually need to take the "Intro..." class because I'm required to take 3 classes over the course number "330." The "Intro..." class IS 330, and it is a prerequisite I need to take to be able to sign up for the other two classes to finish my minor.

    Basically, I can't take Advanced Probability or Advanced Linear Algebra without taking that class.

    It actually looks like a lot of classes, but it’s not such a big deal. The ones I’ve taken already were required for my EE degree. I’m fitting the rest into my elective slots, so it’s not like I’m overloading each semester taking like 10 classes.**

    I even have room to take two or three engineering electives.

    ** I should mention that I have finished my general education requirements early, so I have a few more slots open for electives than some other students.
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    I have also already finished all of my general education requirements. It sounds like we are in a pretty similiar situation. We should stay in contact with each other to let eachother know how their particular route of the math minor is working out.
    What year are you? I am a freshman, so next semester will be my second semester at my university and I will just be taking calc 2. I was able to get all of my general education out of the way at a community college last year.
  9. Dec 21, 2005 #8
    Are you specializing in a particular area for the EE major? I am not sure which area I want to specialize in yet.
  10. Dec 21, 2005 #9
    Same here. I took care of all my general education requirements during a year of community college before I went to university.

    I just finished the first semester of my junior year. It would be cool to stay in contact and talk with someone that is in a similar situation as me. I believe my email address is in my profile. We can exchange instant messenger information through that if you wish.

    Yeah, I'm most likely going to specialize in Signal Processing. I just took the first SP course and I really enjoyed it. I am certainly going to take all the electives available in this field.
  11. Dec 21, 2005 #10
    Signal Processing sounds interesting. What kind of job would you get with that specialty? I don't really know too much about what signal processing is really. We don't offer that specialty here. Here are the options I have to choose from:
    Communications Systems and Controls (probably most similiar to what you're doing.?)
    Electromagnetics and Photonics (this is what I am leaning toward)
    Power and Energy
    General Electrical Engineering
    Electronics and solid state
    Computer Engineering
  12. Dec 21, 2005 #11
    What I am planning on doing is taking all of the classes needed for the two minors in the first three years (I am going to take 5 years to complete the major), then in the last two years I can focus on the advanced level classes of EE. I figure if I do it that way I have a better chance of finishing the required classes for the minors, because I think once I get to the really hard EE classes in the last two years I would probably blow off these classes that I really don't need for my major.
  13. Dec 21, 2005 #12
    Yup, that is pretty much exactly what I'm doing. I'm most likely going to go into the Wireless Communications (probability models of wireless networks) or the Controls field. I'm taking a communications AND a controls class next semester, so that should be fun.
    Both of the fields you listed fall under the "Signal Processing," category.
  14. Dec 21, 2005 #13
    I'm not sure if that is a good idea. There are more than two years worth of EE classes. I started taking EE classes during my sophomore year.

    Have you spoken with your advisor about this plan? If he says it's a good idea, then by all means go for it. I can't see any faults other than I think there are more than two years of EE classes.
  15. Dec 21, 2005 #14
    No, I am not going to wait until the last two years to start taking EE classes. I am going to wait until the last two years to take the upper level EE classes. I will take two or three EE classes per semester the second and third year, and then the fourth and fifth year take only EE classses. At least that is the current plan.
  16. Dec 21, 2005 #15
    Here is something along the lines of what I am talking about:

    *FALL 05
    Physics 1 {4 credits}
    Calculus 1 {4 credits}
    General Chemisty 1 {4 credits}
    Intro to Engineering {1 credit}
    TOTAL CREDITS = {13 credits}

    *SPRING 06
    Physics 2 {4 credits}
    Calculus 2 {3 credits}
    General Chemistry 2 {5 credits}
    Computer Science 1 {3 credits}
    TOTAL CREDITS = {15 credits}

    *SUMMER 06
    Calculus 3 {3 credits}
    Statics {3 credits}
    TOTAL CREDITS = {6 credits}

    *FALL 06
    Electrical SCience {3 credits}
    Exp Methods 1 {2 credits}
    Differential Equations {3 credits}
    C Programming Language ] {3 credits}
    Computer Science 2 {3 credits}
    TOTAL CREDITS = {14 credits}

    *SPRING 07

    Linear Algebra {3 credits}
    Network Analysis {4 credits}
    Experimental Methods 2 {2 credits}
    Computer Systems {3 credits}
    Discrete Math for CS {3 credits}
    TOTAL CREDITS = {15 credits}

    *SUMMER 07
    Dynamics {3 credits}
    Calc Several Variables {3 credits}

    *Fall 07
    Complex Variables {3 credits}
    Theoretical CS {3 credits}
    Heat {3 credits}
    Modern Physics {3 credits}
    TOTAL CREDITS = {12 credits}

    *Spring 08
    Digital Logic Design {3 credits}
    Logic and Computability {3 credits}
    Engr Design W/ CAD {3 credits]
    SemiConductor Physics {3 credits}
    TOTAL CREDITS = {12 credits}

    FALL 08 - SPRING 10
    Professional School (All the upper level EE courses)
  17. Dec 21, 2005 #16
    That looks like a pretty good schedule. I'm taking two classes in the summer as well.
    Can I ask you a question? If you're looking to potentially go into E-Mag or Photonics, why are you minoring in CS? Wouldn't a physics minor serve you better? I mean the programming classes you take for your EE degree should be more than sufficient for any type of coding you'd need to do in that field.
    For a while I was considering going into photonics as well.
  18. Dec 21, 2005 #17
    I don't really know if I am going to go into photonics. That is just what is standing out to me right now. All I really know is the classes I am taking next semester and summer 06, the rest of my proposed plan is a work in progress. But the reason that I want to minor in CS is pretty simple: I find it interesting. Now you might want to remember that I know very little about CS currently. So I could easily change my mind about the minor. The only thing that I feel at least 90% sure about is the EE major. So I am not entirely freestyling my acedemic carreer. I at least know what field I am majoring in, I will just work what ever I am feeling like doing at any given semester around the EE major.
  19. Dec 22, 2005 #18
    Sounds like a solid plan, then.
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