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Minor in math major in Mechanical Engineering

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    does anyone know if it would be possible to get a minor in mathematics while majoring in mechanicl engineering?this quesion is especially for anyone attending the University of North florida in Jacksonville.thx
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    come on! some input please!
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    I am not sure about your specific school, but I would say probably yes. Contact someone at the mechanical eng. dept. at the Uni. of N. Florida to make sure.
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    First, the quote under your signature is offensive. Please change it. Second, people are going to brush you off if you're not patient!
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    Optimus Prime,

    Pull the stick out of your ass. How is that signature offensive?
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    to OP: yes, its possible. major in ME and talk to math dept advisor he will tell you which courses you need in addition to your main math courses to either double major or get a minor in math
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    how in the world is my signature offensive? come on man tha't the late O.D.B. for goodnss sakes!!!!!!! But you know what? i'm going to change it, just to keep the haters off me.
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