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Minor in Polymer or not?

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    Minor in Polymer or not??

    Hello guys, been a while since I've been in here.

    Well I'm a sophomore student studying chemical engineering on a full scholarship offered by the oil company where I live. After graduation I'll have to work for the oil company, equal to the number of years I study.

    In the chemical engineering department they offer students to select a number of technical courses which will determine a speciality "track". The "track" is basically a minor in a certain area. They offer two tracks/minors: a minor in polymer science and engineering or a general track.

    To get the polymer track studnets will have to take 18 credit hours of ONLY polymer courses, which means they'll have to take all of the following courses:
    - Introduction to Polymer Science and Engineering
    - Polymer Chemistry and Reaction Engineering
    - Polymer Properties, Testing and Characterization
    - Polymer Processing and Materials Design

    And to get the general track students get the freedom to choose from the following courses to study:
    - Gas Processing Engineering
    - Petroleum Refining and Processing
    - Water Treatment and Membrane Processes
    - Combustion and Air Pollution Control
    - Corrosion Engineering

    I've registered myself for the introductory course for polymers for next semester after my spring break and I've been thinking of following the polymer track. But i'm not sure if thats going to help me in the future. Since I will have to work for the oil company which provided me with the scholarship that means I'll be working in the petroleum industry for around 4 to 5 years. What about after those 5 years? Will getting the polymer track restrict me to the petroleum industry?

    Any advice or help is appreciated.

    I'm open to any questions

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    I have done B.Sc-Polymer Science and doing M.Sc-Industrial Chemistry. so can u tell me how to get admission in M.Tech in Polymer Engineering and which is best institute? plz mail me at 1985.varun@gmail.com
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