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MIPS Instruction programming

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    when I try to compile the MIPS instruction in order to compute the factorial of n number? i get the following error in the console as:
    Enter the factorial number: 20
    factorial of given number: -2102132736
    The output which I am getting as negative integer of a given factorial instead of positive integer.
    The program for the given MIPS instructions is seen in the link below:

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    Looks like a size or a formatting problem:
    2102132736 is 31 bits and -2102132736 is 32 bits interpreted as a 4 byte integer (first bit a sign bit)

    For 20! you need more than 62 bits
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    20! truncated to 32 bits is -2102132736. It looks like you are calculating to 64 bits then displaying 32 bits.

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