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MIR publication physics/math books

  1. Jul 20, 2004 #1
    Hello all!

    I know that many of you know about these books and find them hard to find. We actually have a very good selection of titles but we never marketed them because we didn't know if there was a demand. Well, we now have them on our website.


    Please take a look - just scroll down and click on the Mir catalog.

    All the best,

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  3. Apr 28, 2009 #2
    I have a few books on Physics and maths in Russian and as u all know it'll cost me a fortune to get it translated into english. Is there anyway in which I can have the english translation of these books? Till date, I have not known of english version of these books. They are mostly problems collections of pre-university entrance level.
  4. Aug 21, 2011 #3
    The links lead to some different site.
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