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Mirror Puzzle

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    This actually happened to me in a hotel in Bali.

    It was night time and a light from the street was reflecting off of the mirror onto the wall. In front of the mirror was a statue of a goddess. Projected onto the wall were two separate shadows of the goddess, rotated with respect to one another about 90 degrees.

    I went to the mirror, stuck my arm into the light, and was able to have my two shadow arms appear to shake hands.

    How can this be?
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    Would you please provide me with a schematic design of all items in the room that you have seen,which shows the position of the things( light,mirror,statue,wall and yourself) to each other?
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    I can't imagine how this has anything to do with relativity! Exactly how fast were you going at the time?
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    I am sure his speed was 0 c! NOW its a relativity problem
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    Sorry. It has nothing to do with relativity. It should be in General Physics.

    It's not a hard problem, but it is a very cool effect. I don't know why it isn't better known.
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    Meir Achuz

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    As Einstein said, "One image is direct, the other is from the light refledted off the mirror."
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