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Homework Help: Mirror reflection?

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    Q#1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data[/b]
    an object and an observer are located 2meter in front of a plane mirror, If the observer is 3meter from the object, find the distance between the observer and the location of the object's image.

    Q#2. the image produced by a convex mirror is always closer to the mirror than the object. Then why is it that the convex mirror used on cars often say "caution: objects are closer than they appear" printed on them?
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    Q#2 Angle subtended by an object to the eyes of an observer is small if the object is away from him. In the convex mirror angle subtended by the image is smaller than the angle subtended by the object ,if he see the object behind him directly. So, if the observer is ignorant about the nature of the convex mirror and assumes it as plain morror, then to him the object appears to be at a larger distance than the actual distance. Hence the caution.
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