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    I have a quick question. If i put two identical mirrors right next to each other on the same surface at the same level and stand in the middle of it will i see two of me or will it act like looking myself if that mirror was one single piece.

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    You mean one mirror in front of you and one behind? If they are perfectly parallel, you'll see one reflection in each mirror but only if all the other copies of you are completely eclipsed by the one in front. If you lifted your arm and waved at yourself, you'd see an inifinite regression of arms waving - to the limit of the mirrors reflectivity.

    You see this all the time in barber shops.
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    My favorite local pizza restaurant (where I spend too much time to be good for my waistline) has mirrors on facing walls. The mirrors are not quite parallel, so I see a sequence of many images, gradually curving upward until they "disappear" beyond the top edge of the mirrors.
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    Yep. In reality, the mirrors are rarely parallel, creating this curving effect.

    Another common place: elevators with mirrored walls.
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