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Mirror Reflection

  1. Mar 14, 2012 #1

    I have build a setup where there are two RC motors to drive a mirror which is 2 dimensional. I have been thinking to write a program in Arduino such that after tracking (from solar tracker which i already made) the sunlight , the mirror should always be reflecting on a desired angle no matter where the sun is. I am trying to think of any ideas how this could be implemented. But I could not get anywhere, I hope i could get some advice on this. I am thinking to start with horizontal axis only for the moment. so how could this be implemented. If the Sun rises from East and sets to west I want the mirror to reflect on a specific angle all day, say its 30 degrees for example.
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    It seems like you need to start with some drawings, and then do some example settings to see what kind of variation you get in the angles.
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    Yes, I couldnt get that word heliostat in my head. Sorry, for my english.

    Any ideas on how to implement it ? And I am using Arduino
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    Well that wikipedia link I posted pretty much tells you what you need to know. Another source would be the NREL.


    A simple search for arduino and heliostat brought up:

    http://www.solbot.at/ [Broken]

    a little digging can answer your questions.
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    Very good posts scutterbob. I'm starting to get the feeling that the OP wants us to do their project for them...

    We can point you to information sources, Poor_student, but you need to do the work on your school project.
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    I was looking for some one to give me some information, not for some one to give me a solution. Please don't judge. Thank you

    No personal comments please...
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