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Misguided Tablet Reviews?

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    Just watched this: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/tech/2011/10/08/nr-holmes-armstrong-kindle.cnn

    I've been reviewing the readers from Amazon and Barnes and Noble with an eye towards buying one as a Christmas gift. Versions of the Nook and the Kindle compare very well, including the color ones. I wouldn't buy either one of the color ones, for if I'm going to spend that sort of money, I'll spend it on something like the iPad 2, which not only does so much more, but works well as a reader under Barnes and Noble's plan that allows up to 6 different devices to be used as a reader under a single plan. Besides, if I'm going to read a book, I want B&W, along with a very long battery life. The colored versions last a few hours on a charge. The B&W versions last for several weeks.

    What I'm wondering is why this comparison is being done between an iPad and a Kindle? Which would you prefer as an SUV? A VW Jetta or a Hummer 3?

    I clicked the link thinking I was going to gain some useful information in my own decision. What I received, however, is a good reason not to listen to CNN tech reviews.
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    Re: Misguided Reviews?

    The tech section of CNN is pretty much the only one I don't read because I've never been impressed. They are comparing the new Kindle to the IPad for publicity and because people are desperate for a legitimate alternative. Personally I'd wait for the Ipad 2.
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