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Misinterpretation squared: BIC-TCP

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    Ok, here's a decent newstory, it almost gets the points across without mixing things up too much:

    http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=75&e=15&u=/nf/23720 [Broken]

    I see the benefit and things should be better for networks facing the issues addressed in the new protocol once they can implement this across their infrastructure. But the consumer?

    In short, has anyone else read some of the misquotes starting to fly around that some new & improved protocol is going to speed up "everyones" internet connection 6000X? Maybe the cargo cults weren't isolated to New Guinea and I wasn't even told about the 'magic' held in those sneaky RFCs. :biggrin: And hence my squared comment since the original newstory misinterpreted the data and then the average reader seems to misinterpret yet again.


    P.S. The cat is out of the bag, but they have tried to set the record straight:
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