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Misinterpreted feelings toward others.

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    Yo all,
    I'm looking for some kind of advise for I found myself (or will find myself, dunno) in similar situation.
    I rather start with "supposing", I can't tell the exacts.
    Suppose, you're boss is sort of a good friend of yours. You talk, joke, laugh together. And suddenly something has gotten wrong. You start having numerous quarrels with your boss (remember that he's abovveee you :) ) For him, you're the cause of the problem, but you don't consider yourself a cause. Your boss tries to change some parts of your character, but you say hardly NO! You don't want to change your personality, just because one person tells you too (again remember that he's above you) and secondly, you like this specific trait of your character (no matter which one). And here comes the part, I'd like to discuss: You're boss keeps on yelling at you everytime he has a chance, and he looks forward to see a failure in your face and submission, but in fact he sees that you don't change. You don't share the conversation or quarrel, if you prefer, with him, and your mood does not change. You keep being happy, but not happy in a sense of smiling or laughing but that you have nothing what would lead you to become sad.

    After all these quarrels and things, you're boss starts assuming that you're an arrogant dog who doesn't care about anyone and thinks low of everyone around. But in fact it's the opposite. You try to care for everyone who needs care and some good conversation, you don't think of others as lower than you, and, and you still feel the great affection toward your boss no matter what. (affection as good friends of course). So, summarizing, your boss things that you're evil, but you are still kind of good. You still like your boss though you had all these constant quarrels. How would you solve this problem?

    I know, it's a personal thing, and many PFers, I assume, don't like such threads, but you don't only learn through science and mathematics. Most of you are older than me, and so have better thinking skills. It doesn't matter whether I've already solved this problem, had such problem, or will have such problem. All I want to know is how others would solve it, and what kind of advise whould I receive for future affairs.

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    Quit your job
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    Seems like talking it out is the best solution to most problems, including this one.
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